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Canada is fast emerging as one of the best immigration destinations for Indians. The number of Indians enrolling for immigration to Canada has been on a high in the recent years, thanks to the Trump’s administration stiff immigration policies. The flagship immigration program of Canada – Express Entry program, within a short period, has turned out to be quite successful in attracting a lot of skilled immigrants.

Canada opens up borders while the US seals avenues for immigration:

The US draconian immigration policies saw Indians in large numbers turning to Canada for fulfilling their dreams of pursuing higher education in the West.  About 40% of the total ITAs that were issued in 2017 were snagged by persons of Indian origin. And not to mention the number of people from India applying for Canada that has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Not surprisingly, moving to the US and obtaining the prized Green Card was the dream cherished by many Indians, but now as their hope starts to fade, many may have to wait for several decades for one – they are turning their attention to greener pastures for living their dream. Canada, which is located on the northern border of the US, not only falls in the same category as that of the US in terms of social and economic development, but articulates the same language, has the same climate and topography and has a high valued currency, turning out to be a top destination for the immigrants envisioning an enhanced lifestyle.

Furthermore, the Government of Canada and immigration authorities are throwing up positive overtures towards immigrant workers and doing their bit to make the Canada PR process transparent and smooth. The constant efforts were undertaken by the government to upgrade its Express Entry program to make it more transparent and userfriendly comes as another plus.

The icing on the cake is the attitude of the locals who are playing a significant role in establishing the country as the most preferred destination for Indian immigrants. The Canadian Government is running several programs tailored to help immigrants integrate into the local community easily such that they contribute to the Canadian society in a meaningful way.

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