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The number of students looking to pursue higher studies/education in the US has grown manifold. Although there are many aspirants who would like to study in the US, they are limited by what university life will be like in the US.

The decision to pursue an education in a foreign country can be truly a lifechanging decision and experience of sorts.  But it is the experience studying in the US that can be totally different from the rest of the world. This blog will cover some of the points that will highlight why studying in the US can be an experience unique in itself.

Campus life:

A significant factor that differentiates the US universities from the rest is their cityor villagelike structure in themselves. The college/university campuses are distanced from the hustle and bustle of city life, which is quite different from universities in other parts of the world, where they are located right in the heart of the city or town. The campus rental apartments and dormitory facilities for students they provide is simply world class. The dormitories can be great for academic community meets and a perfect place to chat with your college mates. Married students have the option of moving to live on campus along with their family in a rental space.

Social life at university:

Another big plus at universities in the US is the opportunity to socialize and connect with their peers. There are weekend events conducted inside the university campus such as farmer market or fair. There are a number of university village that house pubs and bars for nightlife, open to students aged 21 and above. Students can volunteer themselves in club activities and local charities or participate in any sporting activity that might interest them, while they study in the US. This is a great way to fight homesickness, build robust associations, network, and ties that will lend them a positive support system for the rest of their life.

Off-campus activities & events:

There are several activities and events that are a regular in an and around many universities in the US. They range from concerts to festivals, open-air movie screenings, and festivals. The vibrant culture in universities during the summer and spring seasons, no doubt, is one of its kinds. The best time to enjoy is summer when grilling and camping go hand in hand. In spring the local exhibitions and state fairs are a spectacular sight. Explore Santa’s grottos and winter wonderlands, and did we mention fanciful gingerbread houses during the winters? Therefore, the university campus life in the US is nothing short of entertainment all year round. No wonder the list of students enrolling to study in the US is increasing.

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