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How to Choose Study Abroad Consultancy

If you are a graduate fresh out of college or a working professional looking to pursue higher education abroad, it pays to do a bit of homework and research work. Questions like what study program to pursue, why chose a particular program, which university/college is best in offering the selected program, exclusive benefits of the college/university under consideration,  which country and location, financial resources, your future goals and so on.

Is there any use in approaching a foreign visa consultant if you are unclear of your goals?

A lot many students look for readymade packages from the consultant without prior research on their interests. Students who are clear about their study abroad objectives do a thorough research, whilst at the same time draw the requirement from the consultant.   

Identifying a genuine study abroad consultant can be hard work:

Do a local Google search first to find a local consultant,  make a direct visit to your local consultant and inquire about their licenses, accreditation, and even past experiences and placements. The consultancy’s website should help you know about their portfolio at large. You should be clear about what advice is being offered by the consultant and the queries you need to make. Also, ask them to brief on their additional services such as travel briefing, coaching, and assistance for visa interview process.

There are consultants that even take stock of students who are underprepared or fall short of research, idea or proper guidance. Sometimes the consultant will try to refer the students to only the universities/colleges they are affiliated or partnered with, even though their securing high grades in his/her academics can win admission to a top institution – this is something to watch out for.

A genuine consultant, on the other hand, will engage in student interaction, identify the student’s interest areas, check his/her academic scores, conduct an assessment or aptitude, talk about their career goals and financial position before offering them options that will meet his/her needs. Such consultants have usually licensed individuals who go the extra mile in helping one achieve his/her dream of studying abroad.

Every country will have its own student visa rules, and therefore approaching the right foreign visa consultant is the way forward. Looking for the best study abroad consultant in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode and Ooty? Don’t search any further than The Global Ties for a range of overseas education services.

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